The University

The Universidade do Estado do Pará – UEPA (State University of Pará) is located in Belém, capital city of the State of Pará, in the Amazon Region, northern Brazil. It was formed by uniting existing state schools and institutions, such as the Nursing school of Pará (1944), the Educational Foundation of the State of Pará, the Physical Education School of Higher Learning (1976), the State School of Medicine (1971) and the State School of Education (1983).

UEPA began its first school term in 1989, and in 1991, the courses of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy were integrated into its curriculum and the university became a State University. In 1998, the Natural Sciences & Technology Center (CCNT) was created, offering the first course of Production Engineering in the NorthernRegion of Brazil. Today, the State University of Pará comprises a multicampus structure benefiting 50 of the State’s counties and its higher education is available to a population of more than 5 million inhabitants statewide. Classrooms, class laboratories, research and extension activities, libraries, videoconference rooms, health school centers, clinics, sport facilities, planetary science center, all of these are in-campuses structures designed to disseminate knowledge, to improve human productivity, and to form professionals to work ethically in many diverse fields with social responsibility contributing in the sustainable development of the Amazon Region.