University Extension


By integrating research and teaching, the extension activities located in the interior of the State meet their social obligations by using the institution as an important tool in the articulation of regional development strategies.

Local programs and projects can count on the institution’s support as well as programs that have been developed in cooperation with the State’s Secretariats. By maintaining a permanent dialogue with the community, the University takes on the challenge of academic reconstruction through social extension as well as the inclusion of the social aspect of knowledge in its curriculum.


Main themes of the Extension Projects:

Prevention of adolescent pregnancy

Proper disposal of waste and garbage

Global introduction and inclusion of students with physical deficiencies and special educational needs

Prevention of infantile violence

Technology and the Environment

Cultural and Physical Restoration of “Quilombolas” (former slave communities)

Alternative communication capacity for children with motor dysfunctions

Sanitation and Health

Mental exercises for elders with memory loss

Peace and Culture

The strengthening of small business enterprises

Digital inclusion

Learning through games

Mathematics for communities

School gardens

Social inclusion through dance and rhythmic gymnastics