Graduate Courses

The formation of highly trained human resources in the Northern Region of Brazil, through graduate courses offered by institutions located within the region itself has an important role to diminish the disproportional national, regional and intra-regional differences.

UEPA offers a large diversity of specialization courses which have an important role in the formation of qualified personnel to meet socioeconomic demands in the region. UEPA currently offers 26 courses in the field of education, healthcare and technology. UEPA also promotes medical residencies in association with public organs in the State of Pará, mainly in Dermatology, Family and Community Medicine, Emergency Rooms, Hospital Nursing, Education and Food Technology.


Master Courses


Amazon Parasite Biology


Religion Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Health Education

Experimental Surgery and Research

Mathematics Teaching


Doctorate Course

Amazon Parasite Biology


Inter-institutional Master and Doctorate Courses



Biology of Infectious

and Parasite Agents


Food Technology

Tropical Diseases