Today, UEPA enrolls more than 15,000 students attending 26 undergraduate courses, distributed in three academic centers: Social Science & Education Center (CCSE), Biological Sciences & Health Center (CCBS), and Natural Sciences & Technology Center (CCNT). These center schools are distributed throughout 5 campuses located in the capital and 15 campuses in the interior of the State where 53 percent of the students are enrolled. The various scholarship programs: EAD, PTP, and PARFOR have additional students enrolled directly and others enrolled via internet at a distance.

The [*] mark after a course denotes degrees conferred with certified license to teach after graduation (licensure).


Undergraduate Courses

Biological Sciences and Health Center



Occupational Therapy

Teaching Degree in

Physical Education *




Natural Sciences and Technology Center

Production Engineering



Food Technology

Forest Engineering

Design - Product Project

System Development & Analysis Technology


Social Sciences and Education Center

Pedagogy *

Executive Trilingual


Letters Degree in

Portuguese Language *

Letters Degree in

English Language *

Religion Sciences *

Natural Sciences – Biology, Physics, Chemistry *

Mathematics *

Geography *

History *

Philosophy *

Music *

Social Sciences *

Sign Language *

Intercultural Indigenous

Licensure *